Researchers: The decline in the price of Bitcoin did not occur because of the sale of Bitcoin fraud worth $ 3 billion

The recent decline in Bitcoin prices (BTC) did not result from the sale of Bitcoin through China's $ 3 billion fraudulent scheme Plus, according to researchers at Cryptocurrency Analyst Tokin Analyst.

Cryptocurrency Analytics: Plus Token cannot be the reason

According to Bloomberg on Aug. 15, co-founder of London-based Cryptocurrency Analyst Tocen Analyst, Syed Shekhar, said that the sale of Bitcoin by Plus Tucson operators could not be the cause of the recent fall in prices.

  The company did not find any evidence that Plus Token had transferred any large amounts of Bitcoin to any known exchange addresses. Shekhar said: 

"None of these addresses seems to be owned by exchanges. [...] So this was enlightening.

Disputed allegations

The findings contradict recent allegations by the founding partner of the primitive investment firm Blockchain, Duffy One, which suspects Plus Tucson of selling large amounts of Bitcoin.

 However, Tucson Analyst analyzed the Plus Tucson transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain chain and found that thousands of Bitcoins were sent to online mashups to confuse currency assets.

Shekhar added that much of the fraudsters' money has been liquidated in mixed services about a month ago.

According to Quintelegraph in July, Vanuatu, a Pacific island country, has extradited six Chinese nationals who were arrested during the ongoing investigation into Bliss Tokin to the mainland.

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